Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply and who is eligible to apply? 

We currently have no events open for applications at this time. Please visit this site in the coming months to stay updated on new events as they are announced.

What are the program requirements?

Upon selection, creators will be asked to commit to:

  • An onboarding session 
  • Meet & greet opportunities with fellow creators
  • Weekly programming with the Community Management team
  • Weekly content creation on LinkedIn across a variety of formats 

What type of creators are you looking for? 

Anyone who has a story to tell and is driving professional conversations can be a creator on LinkedIn. We are looking for people who regularly contribute and have the creativity, passion, and commitment to build a meaningful community. Whether you’re a business leader sharing strategies to drive diversity and inclusion, an entrepreneur who has a unique perspective on starting a business during a global pandemic, a career coach who is passionate about connecting job seekers to opportunity, or a working parent who is sparking conversation around mental health and wellness while juggling work and family, we want to hear from you. 

Who are some past Creator Accelerator Program participants?

You can see our inaugural US cohort of participants here and our recently-announced India cohort of participants here.

What type of content are you looking for? 

We are seeking a diverse range of topics and content across industries. We’re more interested in how well the creator can build a robust community, sharing advice and unique perspectives to ultimately connect people to opportunity and allow them to be more successful in their careers. That being said, here are some examples of how we’ve seen other creators build a community through LinkedIn tools like video, newsletters, short-form posts and more: 

  • Sharing of professional expertise or skills in a digestible way
  • Short or long-form reactions to industry and business news
  • Vulnerable sharing about how life issues impact work or your professional world
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of someone you know
  • Ask for help, and give help to others

What is the criteria for the application? 

We are asking applicants to submit a creative concept to bring to life during the program. Creators will be holistically evaluated on four key areas: 

  • Creativity: Does the creator have an original and compelling vision for how to start conversations on LinkedIn and build community? Do they demonstrate an ability to leverage video and other media in an engaging, helpful, quality way?
  • Passion: Does the creator focus on something helpful within the world of work? Will they spark meaningful conversations?
  • Commitment: Does the creator have a thoughtful and specific plan for bringing their content to life?
  • Impact: Does the creator’s focus align with LinkedIn’s vision and mission of creating economic opportunity for the global workforce? Will content resonate and engage their target audience? Have they demonstrated an ability to build community on or off LinkedIn?

What do program participants receive? 

Participants in the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program receive coaching, recognition and resources. Specifics include: 

  • A financial grant for each participant to help bring their idea to life
  • Access to weekly programming 
  • Coaching from expert creators and Creator Managers
  • Opportunities to be featured across LinkedIn brand, marketing, and editorial channels
  • Creator-to-creator networking
  • Program swag

I live outside the U.S., India, Brazil or the UK. When will I be eligible to apply? 

We hope to expand the Creator Accelerator Program down the line to include additional regions. If you are a member of the LinkedIn Influencer program, a LinkedIn employee or contractor, or an employee or contractor of LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft you aren’t eligible to apply. 

How many people will be selected? 

Regional program sizes may vary. Please visit the relevant event page to learn more.

Can I apply more than once? 

Each creator can only apply once to be a part of their regional LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program. But we do encourage you to apply for future cohorts! We’re hoping to expand the program throughout 2022 and beyond. 

Follow the LinkedIn for Creators Page for additional resources and recommendations for content creation on LinkedIn. You can also learn more about being a creator on LinkedIn here

Do I have to already create content on LinkedIn to be considered? 

Not necessarily. Creators are required to have a LinkedIn profile, but we are looking for creators who have demonstrated an ability or the potential to build community either on LinkedIn or other platforms. 

I’m part of a creator fund at another platform. Can I apply? 

Yes you can. Participation in creator funds on other platforms does not exclude you from applying to this program.